• We provide affordable, high-quality early education and developmentally appropriate care for children ages 3 months to 5 years in a safe, healthy and diverse environment.

  • We graduate successful, kindergarten-ready children through everyday exploration and age-appropriate education. Our teachers lead by example, educate using best-practices and foster children’s creativity, choice and discovery. In short, we encourage children to PLAY, EXPLORE, LEARN and GROW.

  • We use The Creative Curriculum which supports teachers in creating quality learning environments underscored by strong personal relationships that facilitate positive outcomes for children.

Fees and Weekly Rates
Item Name Price
Infants $315
Toddlers $300
Preschoolers $265
Wait List Fee $25
Annual Registration Fee $100

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About the Organization

About the Program

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Fairfax County has many resources to help get free and healthy food for your family.

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