• We provide affordable, high-quality early education and developmentally appropriate care for children ages 3 months to 5 years in a safe, healthy and diverse environment.

  • We graduate successful, kindergarten-ready children through everyday exploration and age-appropriate education. Our teachers lead by example, educate using best-practices and foster children’s creativity, choice and discovery. In short, we encourage children to PLAY, EXPLORE, LEARN and GROW.

  • We use The Creative Curriculum which supports teachers in creating quality learning environments underscored by strong personal relationships that facilitate positive outcomes for children.

Fees and Weekly Rates
Item Name Price
Infants $315
Toddlers $300
Preschoolers $265
Wait List Fee $25
Annual Registration Fee $100

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About the Program

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We have a total of 30 tickets for each one of this performances. if you are interested please call Isabel... https://t.co/lWbsX4mGUT

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Please join us for this important meeting regarding supporting your child through the transition to kindergarten.... https://t.co/o4BdXxmxCF

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Talking Is Teaching - Homepage https://t.co/rC8leCpgAG

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Notice - July 17, 2017: Should you need to contact us please call 703.864.8382. Power is off but it should be up... https://t.co/tT3wXE9Yns

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Thank you to the Board of Supervisors for your continued support. We are sure this approval will allow our... https://t.co/VaIMKUPN6j

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We have open spaces for children 2.5 to 5 years old! If your child's name is already on our waitlist, please call... https://t.co/A9eMDAf3sT

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What Kind of Father Do You Want to Be? https://t.co/1CSD5BUhCo

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ACCA CDC has some more tickets to WolfTrap Theater in the Woods. If you are interested please call Isabel at... https://t.co/M1VOjggECq

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